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Dawgsoldier's Page ! - resources

Here you'll find some resources including search resources that The Dawgsoldiers feel are the best available. When you are done searching , be sure to visit the other sections of our page.

We always recommend Ask Jeeves. You can 'ask' Jeeves a question phrased in regular english and you'll get a list of answers , one of which should suffice. Or for a wider metasearch try this SavvySearch form.

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Dawgsoldier EMAIL service

Dawgsoldier email , powered by ZapZone , has a wide array of free and extra services. Here is a list of some of them followed by the sign-in for our email and a registration form you can use to sign up. FORWARD TO EMAIL. Forward your web-based email to your favorite email account, your web-based account on ZapZone will follow you wherever you go! POP ACCESS. Read, write, and edit your email messages offline, directly into your favorite email client (Eudora, Outlook, and Netscape Messenger, etc). EXTRA STORAGE. Expand the amount of email messages you can keep on your web based email account to 10 Megs! EMAIL FROM YOUR PAGER. You can now get paged upon receipt of urgent messages or have the message forwarded to your pager display! EMAIL FROM ANY PHONE. Listen to your email from any touch tone phone in the world. With this service, you can skip, delete, respond to email messages with a voice attachment. VOICEMAIL AND FAXES FROM YOUR EMAIL. By linking a unique phone number to your email, all your voice messages and faxes will be routed straight to your inbox, allowing you to get everything into one place. ZapZone Network's Premium services are grouped in several packages (email gold, email pro, email plus, and email by phone). They range in price from $2.50 USD per month to $19.95 USD per year and can be purchased online. You can also purchase these services separately depending upon your tastes and needs. Log into your web-based email account for details! NOTE: These services are currently being offered to English-speaking sites only, premium services for sites in other languages are currently under development.

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L i n k s i n t h e D a w g s c h a i n

A great site for up to date player info and tips
John Skilton's Baseball Links
If it exists on the net , this site has it! [now listing Dawgsoldier's Page !]
The best of the big sites
Another place to check for player info
The Weekly Bikini
A comprehensive links site for bikini pics - Because life isn't just about baseball
The Daily Bikini
A nice Bikini model start page
GSRBBL homepage
The official homepage of the Greater Sanborn BaseBall League
An eerily efficient search engine

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